Your dog makes you happy with his cuteness and unconditional love. It’s your job to return the favor. Don’t worry, it’s not hard to make your dog happy. Here are ten easy to implement ways to make your dog happy.

1. Give your dog attention. If you have more than one dog, give each individual attention. Just like children, your dog wants to feel like #1 to you sometimes. This can be a solo walk or cuddle or extra ear scratches when you have them alone.

2. Play with them! Whether it’s a game of fetch or tug, your dog loves to engage with you in fun activities. This can be a 5-10 minute game so you can squeeze it in even if you are busy or incorporate new activities into your regular routine.

3. Notice what they love to do and make it easier for them. If your pup like to watch out the window, put a chair or other vantage point there for him.

4. Train your dog in the basics (sit, stay, loose-leash walking, etc.). It makes time with them more fun for both of you keeps them safe if they ever get away from you. If your dog’s current behavior isn’t ideal, contact us!

5. Try out different types of enrichment to keep their brain engaged. For example, hide and seek using yourself or a treat or a type of toy they’ve never had before.

6. As much as possible, keep your dog to a routine. Being able to anticipate the day helps reduce stress in your dog.

7. Combat loneliness when you are away at work by leaving the radio on and letting them cuddle something that smells like you. You can also leave treat puzzles for them to work on to pass the time.

8. Keep your dog healthy and fit with adequate exercise and a healthy diet. (This is good advice for you, too!)

9. Use your words and tone of voice to let your dog know she is behaving well and is loved. Doing so also helps your mood improve even after a challenging day at work.

10. Create a home environment that helps your pet succeed. For example, my dog, Jake, loves to “steal” things, especially shoes. To help him succeed, I keep my shoes in the closet so that he isn’t tempted. Controlling your dog’s environment is some of the best advice I’ve ever heard on behavior management.

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