Dogs have things they want just like we humans do. Since we are starting a brand new year (after a super crazy year), I polled a bunch of dogs about their goals and desires and decided to share them with you. Not surprisingly, most dogs have simple wishes and generally agree on what the best resolutions of all time are.

Read on for what dogs want for the new year (and every day)!

  • More time with you
  • Treats
  • Things to chew
  • A ball or two
  • More time with you
  • Fun outings & adventures (with you)
  • Play with you
  • To learn something new
  • Grooming (dogs hotly debated this one!)
  • A comfy bed or blanket
  • Time with doggy friends/play dates
  • More time with you

Seeing a trend on this list? It’s true that far more than material things, what your dog truly wants more than anything is time and attention from you! Honestly, in our heart of hearts isn’t that really what we all want most of all – more time and attention from those we love most?

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