Later this month (week of June 16) is Animal Rights Awareness Week. In honor of animal rights, I’ve created a Canine Bill of Rights that I truly believe all dogs deserve. I’ve also made you a poster of the Canine Bill of Rights you can download and share with your dog and other humans in your life.

As a responsible dog guardian, emotional stability is the greatest gift you can give your dog. That’s why I love positive reinforcement training. By focusing on reinforcing – thereby promoting – good behavior, you help your dog grow in confidence. Positive training takes into consideration your dog’s cognitive style and works with your dog’s learning abilities enabling your dog to think and reason rather than expecting robot-like compliance.

Responsible dog guardians see dogs as individuals with their own needs, preferences and abilities. The Canine Bill of Rights is a great validation for dog parents who “get” this and reminder for those still on the journey.

Canine Bill of Rights

All Canines have the right to…

  • Compassion and respect from humans
  • Pain and force free education
  • Equal membership in the human-canine bond
  • Basic needs understood and provided
  • Love and care from a family
  • Freedom from breed-based judgments and restrictions
  • Ongoing medical and wellness care
  • Daily exercise and enrichment
  • Learn what is expected of them
  • Freedom from fear and pain for the financial benefit of humans

Imagine a world in which all dogs had their rights respected. That is definitely a world I want to live in.

Download the free poster. You will also receive the Family Dog Love Resource which is a weekly easy to implement tip to help you train your dog!