Dog Training

There are tons of reasons that people seek out the help of a dog trainer including:

  • Lack of basic obedience such as not knowing sit, stay, down, come, etc.

  • Pulls on leash during walks

  • Is fearful of new/strange objects such as a nail-trimmer, muzzle, etc.

  • Barks excessively

  • Gets over-excited when people visit, dogs pass by the window, etc.

  • Seems too shy/timid or afraid

  • Barks/growls/lunges while on leash (or off)

  • Jumps up on people

  • Chews all your precious belongings

  • Doesn’t come when called

  • Pees in the house (or poops!)

  • Or any other undesirable behavior

Welcome to our Dog Training section! I train with positive reinforcement tools and techniques based on the latest scientific research into how dogs think, feel and learn.

Whatever your dog’s current behavior challenges, the best place to start is with Conversation. You can easily schedule that by filling out this short form. We’ll reply to your message as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours) to schedule a free conversation with us.