Ruth in Meredith, NH, summer 2019

I know this is a dog training blog, but one of the reasons dog training is so important is because dogs are such an integral part of human life. Dogs have been influencing human behavior and human art and culture since they first domesticated themselves thousands of years ago.

There’s even an entire museum on the subject in New York called The AKC Museum of the Dog! I’m planning a trip there for 2020 and hope to give you an amazing review of it.

From time to time I will highlight that art and culture here because dogs are more than just creatures who share our homes and couches, they touch our souls and inspire great works for art from painting to writing and sculpture to film.

Since I am an over the top proud Auntie (and dog mom), I’m going to start with two poems my nephew, Conal (of The Stray fame), about our dog, Jake:

Poem about a dog
The pic is Jake & Conal many years ago.
This is a recent pic of Jake out on a walk.

And, so I don’t feel left out, here are two Haiku poems that I’ve written about our dog, Jake!

As you can see, my nephew is a much more talented writer than me which is just fine.

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