Delightful Goings On At Creature Good in 2019

There’s New Stuff!

Like Dog Training

Late last year we added dog training to our lineup of pet services which we are grateful to report has been hugely popular with existing and new clients. You can read about our dog training philosophy (all positive, all the time) on the Dog Training page of this website. While you’re there, check out the dog training services we now offer.

You can learn why we made this change in our updated About Us page.

In a nutshell, we provide puppy and adult programs for all breeds and temperaments including private training session, group classes and dog parent coaching.

And Education for Humans

Also in 2018, I completed certification as a Dog Bite Safety Educator and will be running presentations and seminars throughout 2019 for children and adults so that you can learn to recognize when a dog is warning you that a bite might happen. The programs are my gift to communities to help reduce the number of preventable dog bites that happen every day.

Read more about these programs and how to request one for your school or community group at our Dog Bite Safety Page.

Also Video

That’s right! Jake and I will be setting aside our body image doubts to create informational and “how to” videos for you so that you can have an amazing bond and more fun with your doggie BFFs.

And Super Fun Stuff

Of course, we’ve been fun all along! In 2019 I have lots of super giveaways, events, contests and more planned for you throughout the entire year. Giveaways will all be promoted via our Facebook Page (so be sure to like & follow us there) and in our Creature Good Newsletter (so be sure to sign up for that – it’s free). There will be products, books, services and lots of other cool stuff happening.

A Name Change

We are transitioning our name to Creature Good Dog Training but will keep out existing links alive so you don’t have to change everything on your end. This change reflects our focus on positive dog training. Don’t worry though, Jake is still the main figure in our logo! That will never change.

We’ll have fun branded items, too, which will feature in some of our giveaways. Others will be for sale at our events with proceeds donated to rescue groups. 

If this list is leaving you wondering what will stay the same…

Here’s What Won’t Change?

Our intense commitment to serving all dog breeds and temperaments

Our focus on providing amazing customer service

Our compassion for your pets and animals worldwide

Our philanthropic policies and fundraising activities

Our high standards for positive reinforcement only methods and techniques when working with your pups

And, of course, the management team. Jake and I are still the CEO (Canine Executive Officer) and President and you are still welcome to contact us with your questions any time.

Why haven’t we mentioned our pet sitting and dog walking services yet? We won’t be taking on new pet sitting/dog walking clients unless they are also hiring us for dog training.

We are, of course, honoring all existing contracts and continuing to serve current clients until natural attrition occurs.

We will continue to provide referrals to clients we can’t serve so all pets gets the care and love they deserve.

Our goal is to become the absolute best full service dog training company in New England.

So, Why Change?

You may or may not be aware that there is a hot debate in the dog training industry over “traditional” punishment based dog training methods grounded in outdated and flawed research and modern science-based positive reinforcement training that creates strong bonds between human and dog. I bet you can guess what side I’m on, right!?!

I talk about my Jake often and our journey together that was not a smooth path. I fell prey to using aversive training methods because I believed (yes, blindly, and that is on me) what trainers told me. Things were bad with Jake. I was overwhelmed and desperate. I tried everything and made things worse.

These methods put our dogs under tremendous stress. Ever wonder why there are more dog bites now?

Not only did the methods I used not really help, I felt like a monster treating my Jake so aggressively. Finally, I did the research and discovered positive training methods and everything changed.

I sought out the best positive trainers in the world and trained (and am still training) with them.

Now my mission is to give all dogs, regardless of breed or temperament, the experience of being seen and heard and trained with science backed methods and compassion. It’s not easy being a modern dog in our fast paced tech-centric world. Stressed out dogs can be aggressive (I know how I can lash out when I’m super stressed). Happy well-trained dogs who are treated with respect don’t bite small children in the face. I’m starting to get on my soapbox here so I’ll stop and let you read about why I do this work on the About Us Page. You can learn more about my methods on our Dog Training Page.

Thanks for reading and remember to follow us on Facebook and join our newsletter mailing list to stay in the know about our free resources and giveaways and on all the amazing stuff you can have and do with your dog.