In honor of this being Pet Poison Prevention Week, I’m sharing this easy and inexpensive resource for learning pet first aid. Having some basic pet first aid knowledge and skills will give you peace of mind when your pet is healthy and the know-how on what to do if your pet is ever sick or injured.

ProPetHere from ProTrainings is an affordable online option for learning what to do when your pet has an emergency.

The basic course (which I’ve taken myself) will help you:

Recognize Problems

A pet can’t tell you what’s wrong. Learn how to watch behavior and take vital signs so that you can catch illness and injury early, before your cat or dog gets worse.

Minimize Injury

Your pet might need veterinary care. However, there is a lot you can do to make the vet’s job easier. These skills can help your pet recover faster and save you money on vet bills.

And Take Action

Sometimes immediate care can make all the difference. Learn how to combat heat stroke, perform CPR, control bleeding, and other pet first aid skills.

First Aid and CPR for Pets

Check out ProPetHero’s pet first aid courses here and use my code to sign-up for free so you can take CPR, First Aid and/or the Bloodborne Pathogens courses. The code to use is: CPR-CreatureGood

Also keep this information from the Pet Poison Helpline handy in case your furry friend eats something they shouldn’t.

The Pet Poison Helpline Emergency Instructions Page.

While you’re learning about first aid, why don’t you download our free ebook and learn more about training your dog at home.