Most of my dog related shopping is either for Jake or my business but, as a proud dog mom, I also love a bit of bling for myself every once in a while. Generally, I shop with businesses that give back to the community in some way and I’m sharing some of my favorites with you today. These are all business I have purchased products from and personally recommend. I’m also an affiliate of some of them and I’ll note those in the list.

Friendship Collar

I’m literally obsessed with these guys. Who doesn’t want a mini version of your dog’s collar as a bracelet? They even have matching charms for both of you! Jake and I rock this set:

blue mucky pup set

and are seriously considering adding this one to our collection:

The malachite set

Plus, with each purchase, Friendship Collars supports rescue dogs which makes me love them more. We are affiliates of this company and if you use our link to make a purchase, you get 15% off!

Paint My Photo’s Pet Portraits

Another recent discovery is Nittaya Namrung who makes the more adorable pet portraits. She made me a custom portrait of Jake as a cartoon from a photo I sent which could not be cuter and I plan to order one with me and him together, too. You can see a side by side comparison of Jake’s photo and portrait on their website (just scroll down a bit). Here’s my Jake as a digital cartoon doggy!

Cartoon Jake


This is a recent discovery for us and we like them enough already to sign up as affiliates. Paw jewelry (and tattoos if I’m honest) are a weakness of mine. Can you really have too many? I think not. Pawzaar has many choices and other items if you don’t share my paw print weakness. One of my favorite items is the rescue tote because it doesn’t just support dogs but also women who have been victims of trafficking. It’s big and roomy and the blue on it matches my company T-shirts so it’s great for carrying gear to client visits.

The rescue tote

Pit Beauty

I don’t wear a lot of makeup (and lots of days I wear none at all) but I like the quality of Pit Beauty. As a redhead, it can be hard to get the right colors but I like the choices they have. $5 from each purchase goes toward fighting misperceptions about pit bulls and supporting pitties in shelters. We are affiliates of Pit Beauty and you can get 10% off your purchase with our link.

Soi Dog

One of my all time favorite organizations, I have been supporting Soi Dog for years now and though not technically a store, this nonprofit has some cute stuff you can buy to support their work. You can also sponsor animals in their care. I sponsor these two:

Tana Chard

Tana Chard



Both of these dogs need some time to learn to trust humans before they can be adopted.

You can also just give an outright donation.

Animals Asia

I primarily got involved with Animals Asia in support of their bile bear rescues but they also work to save other neglected and abused animals including victims of the dog meat trade. So far at their store I have bought a moon bear bracelet, several charm and this cool T:

I also love buying gifts for the bears like treats (to hide pills in) or a fun pool party.

I’m also doing the Walk in the Woods for the first time this year.

Treat Me Right

This one isn’t really for me since Jake eats the treats but I love their work so decided to include them anyway on this list. We’ll call it emotional bling. Jake loves their treats and I love supporting a small business and the rescue dogs they support through each sale. That’s a win/win/win. I typically get the Mutt Mix for Jake. They tell you what rescues and even individual dogs that will benefit from your purchase (besides your own pup). You can also purchase treats for rescue dogs or give a donation without making a purchase.

Yummy healthy dog treats

I’d love to hear about your favorite dog mom (or dad) shopping places. Share them in the comments. Maybe we can add shop recommendations to our resource library.